Examples of Home Service Business Ideas

Before you can start your own home service business, you’ll first need to see what everyone else is doing and how they’re differentiating themselves.

Everyone is busy these day. After work, no one wants to have to climb up on a ladder to try and fix a hole in the roof or a shorting light fitting. This creates a business opportunity for you.

You can offer everything from handyman services to interior decorating and home energy services.

Here are 10 home service business ideas and examples of successfully operating businesses:

1. Deep House Cleaning

Do you want to start a deep house cleaning business? Do you know everything that’s involved? You can turn to other businesses and see what they’re up to, to help you narrow down exactly what you want to offer.

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Here is an example of an operating business you can learn from:

Business Name: Komali Cleaning Services

Website: http://komali.co.za/#

Established Date: 2009

About the business:

Komali Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning services to corporate, commercial, industrial and domestic clients. They offer a full range of services to clients from custom assessments to matching client requirements, to partnering with facilities managers to ensure proper maintenance of a facility.

Innovative business offering

What differentiates Komali Cleaning Services is the sheer number of services they offer, as well as the different sectors they cater to. In addition to all the above-mentioned options they also offer party and event cleaning, post construction cleaning and high-pressure cleaning.

2. Garden Services

If you have a green thumb and enjoy designing and looking after garden spaces, you can turn this into a business opportunity. Here is an example of an operating business you can learn from:

Business Name: Mijn Tuin

Website: http://mijntuin.co.za/

Established Date: 2001

About the business:

Mijn Tuin manages a variety of properties of various sizes, from domestic and corporate gardens to estates and wine farms. They specialise in general garden maintenance, irrigation, drainage, pruning, and minor construction.

Innovative business offering

What sets Mijn Tuin apart from other garden services is all their services and how specialised they are in each one. They also offer landscaping services to those who want their vision for their garden to come to life, as well as pest control to rid gardens of unwanted insects.

All these services give them the added advantage of being a one-stop-shop for all gardening needs.

3. Apartment Prepping

Are you good at sprucing up a living space? You can offer a service where you fix-up an apartment when the landlord is looking for a new tenant or to sell the property. Here is an example of an operating business you can learn from:

Business Name: Extreme Clean

Website: https://extremecleaning.co.za/

Established Date: 2001

About the business:

Extreme Clean specialises in cleaning homes before new tenants take occupation or after a house becomes vacant.

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They have developed specialised cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment to ensure they offer their customers the best service possible.

Innovative business offering

Even though Extreme Clean specialises in preparing homes for new occupants, they also offer less niche services such as daily cleaning services and furniture and carpet cleaning to ensure they always have clients and stimulate their income.

4. Interior decorator

Do you enjoy decorating and designing the spaces in your home? If this is a business opportunity you want to pursue, here is an example of a successful business that will help you to launch your interior design business:

Business Name: Andrey Sokruta

Website: http://sokruta.com.ua/en

Established Date: 2008

About the business:

At Andrey Sokruta they focus on the details, for example, to ensure the impact of the whole project they need kitchenware, dishes, and a wall clock. Every room needs all the elements to be included to create a full picture.

They also focus on how comfortable the client is using the space and pay close attention to the functionality of a space.

Innovative business offering

To ensure their business stands out they make virtual 3D models of the rooms in real size, which helps the client to see the final results more clearly. They also create everything from decorative material to furniture, to ensure their customer is completely satisfied with their redesigned building.

5. Handyman Services

Are you good at repairing homes or giving something a new coat of paint? Becoming a handyman could be a business opportunity you could pursue, but first have a look at this operating handyman business and what you’ll need to do to become successful.

Business Name: Fixit Maintenance

Website: http://www.fixitmaintenance.co.za/

Established Date:

About the business:

Fixit Maintenance offers a wide variety of services from roofing, plumbing, renovations to drywalling, masonry and painting. They offer 15 years of experience and all their team member are permanent employees. They inspect and test all their projects before handing over to the client.

Innovative business offering

Renovations and handyman projects are quite subjective when selecting which material or colour to use. How Fixit Maintenance deal with this is they invite their clients to be a part of the process to ensure they are satisfied with the end-product.

6. Solar Energy Consultant

Are you an expert in solar energy? Do you often advise others on what type of green energy solution they can use for their home or business? With more research and a solid idea of what the South African market can offer consumers, you can turn this into a business opportunity.

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Here is an operational business you can learn from before launching your own solar energy consultancy:

Business Name: Green House Energy Consulting

Website: https://greenhouseconsulting.co.za/

Established Date: 2009

About the business:

GreenHouse Energy Consulting focuses on solving each client’s needs with customised solutions. They also find solutions based on what their clients can afford and the long-term benefits. GreenHouse has a trusted advisor relationship with numerous architects and construction businesses.

Innovative business offering

GreenHouse design their solutions to be scalable, which enables clients to scale their energy solution should they experience future growth. This innovative offering ensures that clients will never need to completely replace their energy solution but merely add to it should their requirements increase.

7. Home energy auditor

Are you good at figuring out where energy is being wasted and how a home or business can use energy more efficiently? You can start a home energy auditor business to assist others in reducing their electrical needs. Here is an operational business you can learn from before you launch your home energy auditing business.

Business Name: Energy Management Solutions

Website: http://energymanagementsolutions.co.za/Default.asp

Established Date: 1991

About the business:

Energy Management Solutions assist their clients with strategies of energy- and cost-saving, specifically in a time when electricity prices are high and reducing carbon emissions is on everyone’s mind.

Innovative business offering

Energy Management Solutions offers energy reduction and cost savings in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors, to help their variety of clients to both reduce electrical costs and carbon emissions.

8. Pool and Fountain Care

If you understand the chemistry behind keeping a pool and fountain in peak condition all year round, this could be the job opportunity for you. But first you’ll need to know what to offer, how to go about offering your services and how to solve the more difficult challenges.

You can do that by learning from this successful, operational business:

Business Name: Jozi Pools

Website: https://jozipools.co.za/

Established Date: 2011

About the business:

Jozi Pools offers a comprehensive pool building, maintenance and cleaning service. They have been working as a team for many years and together they have gained a large amount of experience and have become experts in their fields.

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Innovative business offering

They can confidently assist their customers with anything related to pools, water features or ponds. They offer a comprehensive range of services from pool fencing to paving, piping, pool painting and weir repairs. Being able to service all of your customers’ pool needs means you’ll save them time and money.

9. Home-inspection service

If you have previous construction experience you can offer home inspections to new buyers or real estate agents to ensure a building is sound before they sell it. Before you start your business, research what others are doing in this sector. Here is an example of an operating business you could learn from.

Business Name: Inspect-A-Home

Website: https://www.inspectahome.co.za/

Established Date: 1985

About the business:

Inspect-A-Home has been in operation for over 30 years and has been instrumental in the development and maturation of this industry. From the beginning they have used their experience to help clients make informed decisions when buying property.

Innovative business offering

Inspect-A-Home also offers guidance and support when undergoing construction to ensure their clients build stable and solid structures. Offering this service will enable you to see a structure from start to finish, where the usual mistakes happen and how to correct them before the construction process is too far along.

10. Personal Organiser

Are you organised? Do you enjoy sorting out other people’s belongings? You can offer your natural abilities to help others organise everything from their garage, to cupboards and routines.

Business Name: Organised Chaos

Website: https://www.organisedchaos.ie/

Established Date:

About the business:

Organised Chaos, based in Ireland, assists homeowners and businesses transform their spaces into stylish, stress-free zones. Under their home organising section, they offer everything from wardrobe organisation to home relocation.

In their corporate services they offer storage systems and annual clear-outs, as well as relocations.

Innovative business offering

The founder of Organised Chaos launched a book to help people around the world declutter their homes, schedules and minds. Their website also offers a blog of tips and tricks their clients can use to keep clutter at bay.

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