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We at THE BUSINESS SCHOOL HOLDINGS PVT Ltd. (TBS) committed to imparting quality education, training and guidance leading to develop entrepreneurs in e-commerce plat form and online businesses. In the pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur, it is the absolute policy of TBS to maintain a quality-driven management system that ensures we meet or exceed the requirements of our stakeholders. The quality management system (QMS) provides the framework for the rest of the institution’s governance and internal control systems. TBS commits itself to:

  • Continually assessing the external and internal issues, that are relevant to our purpose, social responsibility, our ability to achieve intended results.
  • Providing learning programmers, business opportunities and services that are bound with satisfy the objectives of the institution, including learning outcomes that contribute to the development skills & attitudes in learners (Both voluntary staff & Students).
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and approved codes of practice. The quality policy is communicated and understood by all stake holders within the institute and is reviewed for continuing suitability.
  • Continually improve the QMS by identifying and addressing needs or opportunities revealed as a result of analyses, evaluations, internal reviews, audits and the outputs from management review. .
  • Managing intellectual property, student information and other department information to ensure that confidentiality is maintained and individual rights are protected throughout the institution.
  • Ensuring that staff, departments and others personnel that affect the services provided by TBS are assessed as competent, based on appropriate education, training or experience.
  • Periodically reviewing the policy to ensure that it remains current and meets the needs of the institution.
  • The Chief Executive officer, Administrative Committee & all departments are responsible for the implementation of this policy and ensuring the integration of the QMS throughout TBS operations.
  • The policy is binding on all of TBS operations, branches, sites and personnel.
  • Unauthorized alterations or deviations are not permitted.


Mr. Nuwan Sajeewaka Jayakody

Founder  / CEO