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Social Media Marketing



Social Media Marketing is a crucial element to success in any industry. Whether you are a business owner or a marketing professional, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to develop impactful, successful Social Media Marketing campaigns that convert your followers into returning customers.

Course Outline

Introduction to Marketing and Social Media

The first lesson in your Professional Diploma will introduce you to the world of marketing and, specifically, Social Media Marketing. We will cover a high-level overview of various marketing terms and see exactly how Social Media Marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. You will learn about Social Media strategies that you can incorporate into your marketing, budgeting for Social Media as well as frequently used Social Media Marketing term.

Getting to know the Social Media Platforms

In this lesson of your Professional Diploma you will become familiar with the Social Media platforms mainly used for Social Media Marketing and the types of audiences that mostly use these platforms.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Optimizing your Social Media Profiles

Content Creation

This lesson introduces you to various Social Media content types, the content development process and what makes engaging content for your audience as well as what your audience wants from you.

Social Media Management

This lesson introduces you to the basics of Social Media Management, understanding what it is and what it entails as well as what it takes to manage your Social Media Marketing. You will also be introduced to more advanced concepts such as community management, reputation management, social listening and more.


Regular Class: The Business School (132.2/, Hill City Complex, D.S Senanayake Veediya, Kandy)

Online Class: Zoom platform

Duration & Schedule
Regular Class: 40 Hours (8 Weeks)

Online Class: 40 Hours – Saturday , 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

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