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Diploma in Advance Graphic Design

Graphic Design


Diploma in computer Graphic Design helps to develop students’ knowledge and skills in Digital Graphics through a series of visual design, interactive and motion graphics, theory lectures, lab-time and portfolio projects. This programmed also emphasizes on the concept development and the idea of the Digital Graphic Design to enhance students’ creative direction.

Students’ artistry and creativity are enhanced by working with Print, Illustration, Design, Layout, Digital image creation and manipulations. Technically, the participants are equipped with a solid foundation in operating the latest and widely used Hardware and software in the designing industry

Pioneers in Sri Lanka

Learn Graphic Design from leading pioneers in Sri Lanka. The Business School presents 4 months online course for Advance graphic Design.

Strong Knowledge

Build a strong knowledge with qualified lectures to make your future pathway successful.

Industry Recognized Qualification

Those who complete this course will be awarded with an industry recognized qualification which justifies their practical engagement in a number of Digital Design Project

The Program Contents are as follows

• Raster Graphics • Vector Graphics • Introduction to 3D Modeling and Digital Animation Adobe Photoshop cs6

Selection techniques

  1. Basic shape selection using Marquee tools.
  2. Selections using Lasso Tools.
  3. Advanced Magnetic Lasso selections.
  4. Select using Magic Wand Tools.
  5. Selection editing using Mask tool.
  6. Save Selections.
  7. Expert Mode shortcut keys.


  1. Adding, Deleting, and Hiding of Layers.
  2. Organizing Layers.
  3. Layer Overlaying.
  4. Layer Masking.


  1. Brush tool.
  2. Custom Brushes.
  3. Brush Effects.
  4. Pencil and Pen Tools.
  5. Point editing.

Photo Retouching

  1. Image Manipulation.
  2. Color Balancing.
  3. Color Adding.
  4. Patch tool.
  5. Reconstruction methods.

Masks and channels

  1. Select images using Quick Mask.
  2. Select images using Channels.
  3. Channel Editing.
  4. Chanel Mixing.

Special Effects

  1. Blending Options.
  2. Filters.
  3. Lance Effects.
  4. Advanced Lighting effects.

Text Editing

  1. Adding Text.
  2. Text Effects.
  3. Text Warping.

Optimizing images for web

  1. Slicing Images.
  2. Image compressing methods.
  3. Image converting.

Adobe Illustrator

  1. The difference between Vector and Raster graphics
  2. Examples of Illustrator created work
  3. Overview of program tools and layout
  4. Creating a simple logo with shapes and text
  5. Changing fill and stroke colors
  6. The pen tool
  7. Modifying paths
  8. Using layer in Illustrator


Regular Class: The Business School (132/2, Hill City Complex, D.S Senanayake Veediya, Kandy)

Online Class: Zoom platform

Duration & Schedule
Regular Class: 40 Hours (8 Weeks)

Online Class: 40 Hours – Saturday , 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

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